James Oliver. Jr.

Welcome to Kabila

A community of founders of tech startups. Everyone is welcome. Co-founder matching app coming soon.

What will Kabila do for you?

This community will do three things for you:

1. Help you organically connect with other founders globally around shared interests. 

2. Help you be a better founder by sharing the skills & resources you'll need, and by increasing your social capital. Giving micro-grants to members. 

3. Help you be a better human by engendering a give first mindset and paying for founder mental therapy. 

Why did we start Kabila?

Tech startup teams comprised of founders from all backgrounds will have a capital-raising super-power in the near future. 

Other co-founder platforms don't seem to care about everyone getting a seat at the table. 

We do.

Let's go! 🚀

Join us. 

Give more than you take. 

And let's build, thrive, and expand the pie together.

P.S. Download the app for your best community experience. 👇

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